Safety in Cuba

What is Safety in Cuba Like Right Now?

There is one simple answer to the above question: it is safe to travel to Cuba. In January, 2018 Madrid’s famous International Tourism Fair bestowed Cuba the Excelencia Award for “Safest Country.” Some may find such an honor surprising. In the fall of 2017, The US travel department issued an official, level-three travel warning for U.S. citizens traveling to Cuba.

One year later, officials lowered the level-three travel warning to a level-two warning. In other words, the State Department now recommends exercising increased caution in Cuba, rather than reconsidering travel there.

How the Travel Warning Came About

The travel department issued their original warning due to alleged sonic attacks. Certain US Embassy Havana employees reported symptoms including dizziness, fatigue, headaches, hearing loss, and trouble sleeping. US officials concluded that sonic attacks caused the symptoms. However, the source of the attacks remains unknown.

Further, investigators and scientists dispute the claim. They found that stress likely caused the symptoms, not a targeted attack. Although the real cause may be up for debate, one thing is for sure: there are no reports of a Cuba traveler experiencing similar symptoms.

Travelers’ Experience with Safety in Cuba

For many, Cuba’s 2018 safety award comes as no surprise at all. Travelers feel safe in Cuba, even since officials put the the travel warning into place.

Take it from one U.S. traveler, Donald, who wrote about his trip, “what a wonderful, wonderful place to visit. Once I arrived in the country everything was coordinated well…and I felt safe and supported the entire time.”

How to Increase Safety in Cuba

Violent crime is extremely rare in Cuba. While pickpocketing and petty theft can occur, being precautionary is often enough to deter it. Other safety hazards in Cuba include food and water contamination. However, drinking bottled water and avoiding unreliable street food is enough to avoid to prevent any illness from occurring.

Of course it is always necessary to practice caution while traveling in Cuba. Common sense and a clear head is a must for navigating any big city: do not walk alone late at night, stick to well-lit streets, be cautious about who you give your trust to. And of course, there are ill-intentioned people everywhere.

However, the well-intentioned people exist in far greater numbers in Cuba. Plus, as a tourist in Cuba, the police are on your side. They are friendly and found all over the place. Police tend to come down hard on those trying to take advantage of travelers in any way, which also deters crime.

The Educational Adventures Company Prioritizes Safety in Cuba

The Educational Adventures Company goes to great lengths to ensure all travelers in Cuba are safe, secure and well-taken care of. Their team of Cuba experts consider safety and security a top priority. They would not hesitate to recommend a Cuba trip to anyone, no matter the age. To find out more about travel warning changes or safety in Cuba, do not hesitate to get in touch with The Educational Adventure Company and their friendly team of Cuba specialists.

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