A Night Out in Havana at The Fábrica de Arte Cubano

No matter what your tastes are, a night out in Havana is not complete without a visit to the Fábrica de Arte Cubano (Cuban Art Factory), also known as the FAC. The FAC is housed in a giant building that previously housed Havana’s electricity company and then an olive oil factory.  The immense factory feel is just a small part of what makes the Fabrica a unique space. The Fábrica is all about culture and collaboration – artists, musicians, and the audience all have a role to play in the Fábrica experience.

The FAC was started by Cuban musician X Alfonso in 2014 and has blossomed into a collective of visual art, cinema, performance theatre, music, fashion, dining, and more. On any given night you can meander through giant art exhibits, drink mojitos out of an enormous vase, sit back and enjoy a movie or a performance, and hit the dance floor to the musician or DJ of the night. The collaboration of so many different creative outlets makes the space itself a piece of art. Moving from sensation to sensation is as simple as moving from one room to the next or glancing from one end of a room to the other. There’s something for everyone at the Fábrica: young and old, locals and tourists, party seekers and people watchers.

The Fábrica de Arte has not only made an outstanding name for itself as a key part of nightlife in Havana, but it has made its mark internationally as well. For visitors and travelers around the world, a night out at the the FAC is a mandatory part of their Cuba vacation.


If the exceptional Fábrica de Arte Cubano experience sounds like one you want to be part of your Cuba travel there a couple things to keep in mind. The place is a hot-spot. Unlike a lot of nightlife in Havana, Fábrica remains accessible to most with only a 2 CUC cover charge. Lines to enter often wrap around the building. If you’re not the type to enjoy 1-2 hours of standing in line, arrive when it opens at 8pm.

Be aware of the payment system before you head in. At the door, you will receive a card. Do not lose the card – if you don’t have it on your way out, it will cost you 30 CUC. When you go to get a drink, just hand your card to the bartender. They write down the price of your food or beverage, and then you pay for everything on your way out. The payment line can get lengthy as well, so if you don’t want to wait on your way out, call it quits before the 2am rush out the door.

How to Get There

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Julia Nass

Julia is an avid traveler and has lived in Oaxaca, Mexico and Havana, Cuba. She balances her constant pursuit of adventure with her love of sharing it with others.


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