Hands-On Cuba: The Ukulele Tour  

There is nothing like music to bring people together. This is especially true in Cuba, a place famous for its musical traditions. Every year, people flock to Cuba to enjoy its incredible live music scene – from jazz in Havana to rumba in Santiago de Cuba.

Apart from viewing live music, however, most travelers do not have the opportunity to participate in the music themselves. That is why The Educational Adventures Company created the Ukulele Tour in Cuba: to provide a unique way for travelers to learn about Cuba’s rich musical traditions through hands-on experiences.

During the Ukulele Tour, guests learn from talented local musicians through formal lessons and informal jam sessions. When travelers aren’t playing music, they are exploring fascinating historical and cultural places on the island.

The first eight days of the tour discovers Havana. In addition to playing music with local musicians, travelers visit famous museums and little-known gems. Highlights include a one-of-a-kind day trip to the stunning Viñales Valley and a ride in a top-down classic car during sunset.

Educational Adventures travelers practice ukulele from the back of a classic car convertible.

After eight days, those who elect to do the thirteen day tour will travel on to Cienfuegos and Trinidad. There, they will explore even more of the island through incredible food, historic sites, dancing and music.

This tour welcomes everyone, whether or not they play the ukulele. For those uninterested in ukulele, there is an option to take percussion lessons instead. The tour is family friendly and caters to all abilities.

Do not hesitate to be in touch with the friendly Educational Adventures team to learn more about the Ukulele Tour in Cuba. You can also view the tour itinerary and all it includes or book a spot online. The 2019 8-Day Ukulele Tour runs April 6th – 13th, while the 13-Day tour runs April 6th – 18th.


Julia Nass

Julia is an avid traveler and has lived in Oaxaca, Mexico and Havana, Cuba. She balances her constant pursuit of adventure with her love of sharing it with others.


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