Getting to the Real Cuba: Dance and Music

When planning tours and travels, people often talk about wanting to experience the real Cuba. Which of course forces the question, what is the real Cuba? This of course cannot be described simply – the answer is comprised of many complex parts all intertwined in one another. That being said, there is one beating heart among all the other parts in Cuba: dance and music. 

Music and dance is a cherished aspect of Cuban culture, and Cubans take pride in having created some of the most popular forms of Latin dance and music, from Son to the Cha Cha Cha. The music and dance scene thrives in every single Cuban city, and there are no other activities that encourage participation and connection quite like music and dance in Cuba.

Given this, the Educational Adventures Company put together a tour meant to extract one of the most unique and authentic Cuba travel experiences possible. The purpose of the trip is to uncover the “real” Cuba by emphasizing the two important traditions of dance and music.  The tour is called Bailando en Cuba, or Dancing in Cuba.

About the Tour

This eleven day tour covers some of Cuba’s most popular ground – Havana, Trinidad, and Viñales with stops in Santa Clara and Cienfuegos. Like many types of overseas adventure travel, this tour explores the incredible history and culture of these cities and their surrounding areas. Some of the highlights include a tour of Havana in an old American classic car, learning how cigars are made at a tobacco farm in the breathtaking Viñales Valley, and a visit to a stunning waterfall outside of Trinidad.

Unlike most tours and travels, however, Bailando en Cuba offers the unique opportunity to learn how to dance like a Cuban. All of the explorations and adventures are matched each day with a dance lesson taught by extraordinary Cuban dancers from all over the country. Not only do the lessons provide basic Cuban dance skills, but they allow travelers the opportunity to connect with locals. The tour then provides opportunities for travelers to put their new dance skills into action (often with the dance teachers and new friends) in local venues with live music and a thriving energy. The entire trip wraps up with a memorable rooftop dance party with live music.

Open to Everyone

The Bailando en Cuba tour isn’t meant for just dancers – it’s meant for anyone with a desire to experience Cuba in one of the most authentic ways possible. No previous dance experience is necessary to participate. Almost everyone who participates on the tour, whether they have dance experience or not, starts learning Cuban style dance from square one.

More About the Travel Company

As far as travel companies go, The Educational Adventures Company is the best one can ask for. Their long-standing experience with tours and travels in Cuba allows them to operate with unique insight to overseas adventure travel. The Educational Adventures Company allows anyone to travel to Cuba with confidence and ease. If a dance trip isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch withEducational Adventures. The team is there to make your dream Cuba vacation happen.


Julia Nass

Julia is an avid traveler and has lived in Oaxaca, Mexico and Havana, Cuba. She balances her constant pursuit of adventure with her love of sharing it with others.


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