How to Experience Cuba After President Trump’s Policy Change

The Changes

Due to Trump’s recent announcement, big changes are on the horizon for US citizens and residents hoping to travel to Cuba. Namely, travel to Cuba is being re-restricted. Although straight tourism in Cuba was never legal under Obama’s policies, individual travelers could visit the island under one of twelve government-approved reasons (people-to-people, journalism, religious activity, etc.).

Many individual travelers took advantage of the “people-to-people” category in particular. Traveling to Cuba under this category allowed travelers to put together their own itinerary and was loosely regulated by officials. One of the biggest changes coming from Trump’s new policy is that individual travelers can no longer travel to Cuba under this category, and there will be much greater document-scrutiny for travelers returning to the US.

The Good News

If this news makes you feel like you’ve lost your chance to get to Cuba, reconsider. You can still travel to Cuba easily and legally by booking a trip through a US-based tour operator, like the Educational Adventures Company. The Educational Adventures Company has been operating as a legally licensed tour company since even before Obama softened regulations on US travel to Cuba. From the very beginning, Educational Adventures has offered education-based, legal, government-approved trips and will continue to do so through the policy changes.

That means that if you are one of the many people hoping to experience the rich culture and overall magic of travel to Cuba, you can do so hassle-free through The Educational Adventures Company. Not only does booking through The Educational Adventures Company guarantee a hundred-percent legal entry into the country, it guarantees an unparalleled experience of Cuba.

Book Now!

It’s true that even going through a tour-operator, legal trips to Cuba will likely be taking a different shape starting very soon. Travelers will no doubt still be able to experience many of the wonders of Cuba, but there will be restrictions on allowed accommodations and activities. Tours will not be allowed to stay in or go to any military-associated establishments, which includes many of Cuba’s hotels and tourist destinations. However, the details of these restrictions are not yet finalized and will not be put into place until they are. Booking right now means seizing a last-minute chance to visit many of the incredible places that are still allowed on itineraries but may not be allowed in the very near future.

Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have about legal travel to Cuba. Submit your inquiry now!

Julia Nass

Julia is an avid traveler and has lived in Oaxaca, Mexico and Havana, Cuba. She balances her constant pursuit of adventure with her love of sharing it with others.


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