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Legal information about travel
to Cuba as a U.S. Citizen

Recent changes to U.S. policy on Americans traveling to Cuba have made it easier to explore this fascinating island. There are still restrictions in place, but travelers may engage in a variety of educational activities without the stress of breaking U.S. laws.

The Educational Adventures Company assists U.S. travelers plan itineraries, book flights from the U.S. to Cuba, secure accommodations and educate themselves about the best way to explore and engage in this amazing country and culture.

According to federal register of the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) under the Department of Treasury 501.601 Records and Recordkeeping Requirements:  “Every person engaging in any transaction subject to the provisions of this chapter shall keep a full and accurate record of each such transaction engaged in, regardless of whether such transaction is effected pursuant to license or otherwise, and such record shall be available for examination for at least 5 years after the date of such transaction.”  Reports to be furnished on demand include documentation demonstrating a full itinerary, flight itineraries, and verification that you are traveling under an appropriate General License.  The Educational Adventures Company provides you with all of that documentation and ensures you have a phenomenal trip.

You have the opportunity to travel on a tour sponsored by The Educational Adventures Company under the General License pursuant to Federal Register Vol. 80, No. 11 issued January 16, 2015 on behalf of the Department of the Treasury of Foreign Assets Control 31 CFR Part 515 Cuban Assets Control Regulations 515.565 (b) General License for people-to-people travel for Educational Activities.

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Is Cuba right for you?

We at Educational Adventures believe that Cuba is one of the most exciting adventure travel destinations on the planet.  Its natural beauty steeped in the historic authenticity and warmth of a Caribbean culture which has undergone political isolation for over 55 years creates an unforgettable travel experience.  Although we at Educational Adventures have partnered with local Cuban tourist guides to create fun and enlightening travel experiences, traveling in Cuba is still not for everyone.

While we certainly don’t want to discourage you from making the trip to Cuba, it is important that you have realistic expectations that will heighten your Cuba experience.  Our partners in Cuba state that ‘Cuba is a destination for travelers, not tourists’.  That statement rings true when you realize that modern conveniences we are very accustomed to accessing on a daily basis simply may not be available in Cuba.  It is not unusual to find that running water or electricity in your room, a quick turnaround time for food being served hot and all at once at restaurants, high standards of customer service, and quick service in general may be at times the exception rather than the rule.

We have found that travelers in Cuba that have the most gratifying, unforgettable and enriching experiences bring with them a good sense of humor, and a willingness to embrace inconveniences and discomfort as part of the adventure.  We at Educational Adventures are committed to helping you to learn about the rich and complicated history of Cuba including why as tourists you  may not find the level of comfort and customer service that you are familiar with.  When deciding if Cuba is right for you, take an honest inventory to see if you are interested in the demands and rewards that come with experiencing a developing country that has a very different culture and way of life than you may be accustomed to.