A New Way to Travel to Oaxaca

Dreaming Up Travel to Oaxaca

The Educational Adventures Company has been thrilled to share adventures in Cuba with hundreds of groups and individuals since 2015. Travelers returned home from their Cuba adventures raving about the experience they had. It wasn’t long before the Educational Adventures team began to dream up the next destination to take new friends to.

For the ladies working to create epic, ethical travel experiences, the next destination couldn’t be just anywhere. Like Cuba, it was important to choose a destination the team was passionate about and deeply connected to. That way, they could share meaningful travel experiences with fellow adventurers.

With co-founder Sara’s upbringing in Mexico, the idea to offer travel to Oaxaca made immediate sense. Her zest for Oaxaca City and the surrounding area quickly spread to the rest of the team. The Educational Adventures Company spent two years working closely with Oaxacans to discover incredible and unique experiences to share with travelers. In May of 2018, Educational Adventures was proud launch their first Oaxaca Tour.

What Makes Travel to Oaxaca Special

The first group tour experienced Oaxaca’s mix of ancient history, one-of-a-kind culinary and mezcal scene, breathtaking natural beauty and a unique blend of progressive and ancient art. Known for its culinary excellence in everything from street food to fine dining, the group ate unforgettable Oaxacan meals. They even had the chance to learn to make their own. They also learned the mezcal-making process from masters of the trade (and got to try some along the way).

Oaxaca City and its nearby villages are also home to insanely talented artists whose crafts date back thousands of years. For example, artisans in Teotitlán del Valle continue ancient weaving and textile traditions. Artists in San Martin Tilcajete create thousands of intricately painted wood carvings known as alebrijes. Adventurers had the opportunity to get to know some of these artisans as they partook in hands on learning experiences, including a natural dye workshop in Teotitlán and an alebrije workshop in San Martin Tilcajete.

Another travel to Oaxaca highlight included breathtaking views at Hierve El Agua, natural pools of water complete with a petrified waterfall and stunning mountain valley views. They experienced mind-boggling ruins at Monte Alban and Mitla, chaotic and colorful markets, and peaceful church plazas. 

In addition to incredible places and activities, people are what make a travel experience truly special. As in Cuba, The Educational Adventures Company teamed up with remarkable hosts and guides in Oaxaca. Lodging is in a centrally-located boutique hotel. The place presents incredible commodities in a gorgeous atmosphere where the folks are as lovely as the place itself. With ample opportunity to connect with individuals from all walks of life, the first group tour left bonded with not just the place, but with all of the people they had met along the way. 

Let The Educational Adventures Company Take You There

After such a successful inaugural week in Oaxaca, the company is excited to offer more tours just like the first. For those interested in a spur of the moment get away, there are still a few spots open for the upcoming fall Oaxaca Tour (November 17-24, 2018). Do not hesitate to get in touch with the travel specialists at The Educational Adventures Company. They are around to chat, answer any questions, and of course take you and your loved ones on the adventure(s) of a lifetime.

Julia Nass

Julia is an avid traveler and has lived in Oaxaca, Mexico and Havana, Cuba. She balances her constant pursuit of adventure with her love of sharing it with others.


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