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Our personalized tours allow you to learn while you’re studying Cuban culture through dance, art, architecture, agriculture, food, history, and more.

Let us take care of the plans, so that you can simply enjoy your ultimate dream Cuban vacation. Find yourself back in time, as you adventure through big cities, historic towns, and lush countryside.

Our team believes in sustainable tours that benefit residents and build relationships.  We strive to provide an authentic experience to celebrate and honor unique cultures.


“Let me say that our whole group had an absolutely fantastic time in Cuba. Everything was perfectly planned and Barbara was beyond compare. We were able to get everything done that we wanted and then some. The itinerary could not have been better for our needs and we have all returned home with a piece of Cuba in our hearts. ”
Rick, 2017 

“I want you to know that the Cuba experience was the best travel experience ever, for me.  And Rekha seconds my thinking. Yaniel was exceptional, and Casa Madero was nothing short of fabulous.  Thanks so much for putting it together.”
Dennis, 2017 

“I wanted to tell you that we had an excellent trip. Much of that was due to Roberto’s guiding.  He was able to help us understand layers of complexity in the culture that we never would have been able to see . . . maybe even if we spoke fluent Spanish,  which we do not. He was unfailingly helpful and flexible, and shares our love for and interest in nature, which made a big difference in our experience.”
Marty, 2017 

“I appreciate you checking in with me via phone upon my arrival and also on my birthday!”
Jamie B, 2016 

“The trip was awesome. The tour guide was excellent.   I had a great tome and highly recommend it.  I especially love the authentic car ride on the last day. All of casas particulares were amazing. The host were nice and very accommodating. I have nothing negative to say. Everything was amazing. I would definitely recommend your tour company to everyone I know.”
Miguelina, 2017 

“Educational Adventures is the perfect matchmaker for when you’re ready to fall in love with Cuba.”
Nan, 2016 

“My experience with The Educational Adventures Company was exceptional! The tour was tailored to authentically experience Cuba. The accommodations, tour guide, meals and daily activities helped us see Cuba through the lens of a native making it an unforgettable trip!”  
Yvonne, 2017