Read What some of our Amazing Guests are Saying!

Turner – February 2019
“The Educational Adventures Company created an itinerary, in perfect balance. As I mentioned above, the city planner meeting was informative and will give you a better understanding of what you see as you walk the narrow streets or ride in the fun old cars. Our accommodations in both Trinidad and Havana were conveniently located, clean, with wonderful service. Jordan took care to make reservations for us at some of the best restaurants – with delicious food and beautiful settings. We met with artists, learned about the fusion of the African religion with Catholicism, had a conversation with Lilly, who lived through the revolution, visited museums, toured a cigar factory, and got visit with many Cuban people, both old and young-learning their different perspectives. I feel words cannot describe Cuba – Cuba has to be discovered for yourself. You may leave Cuba, as we did, wanting to go back again and again. And The Educational Adventure Company has everything to do with that feeling!”
Stephen – January 2019
“Just returned from 8-day Cuba Magica Adventure. Every aspect of the trip was amazing with an incredible guide, wonderful itinerary and great food and accommodations. Educational Adventures was incredible every step of the way and checked-in during the trip to ensure all was satisfactory. We could not ask for anything more. Judging from talking with individuals on other tours, no question that The Educational Adventures Company is and was the best.”

Lyla – November 2018
“I took the Oaxaca Tour and can’t recommend it enough to anyone interested in learning more about this incredible place and the traditional arts and crafts of the region.  The activities are well thought out and hands on but not overwhelming.  All of the master artisans that introduced their crafts were welcoming and professional.  The local guide was awesome and the accommodations were perfect.  The city also has an incredible number of first rate museums that provide context and a break from the hands on sessions in the villages and the archaeological sites.  Just a great combination of interesting things to see and do.  Thank you!”

Arvid – November 2018
“The tour was extremely organized and very well planned. There were no worries to fret about. The printed agenda that was given to us before hand was only a sample of what to expect. It was far more enjoyable and informational that I ever expected. I can’t wait for my next trip to Cuba. The first and last call I will make will be to Sara at Educational Adventures.”

Brittany Roy – October 2018
“Everyone was blown away by the two tours we were able to do. I got SO many compliments on “what a good job I did.” But those compliments really belong to Sara and the team at TEAC. You guys are awesome. We really had a blast and it wouldn’t have been the same doing everything on our own or with the cruise line. Sara deserves a huge round of applause for dealing with all my questions, concerns and changing of plans before departure. She handled everything with grace. You can literally hear her smile through the phone. If I lived closer to Durango I’d beg TEAC to hire me! You can tell they’re a good group of people that truly enjoy what they do. I HOPE to return to Cuba one day soon and will absolutely get in touch with TEAC again.”

Rick – September 2018
“I’ve never had a better experience. Everything and everyone was fantastic! Cuba was an unknown! This was such a great way to experience it the first time. In 4 short days, we made at least 8 new friends. That probably wouldn’t have happened had we not done our first trip to Cuba this way. Thank you so much. I will be happy to recommend you to anyone.”

Susan – August 2018
“I want to thank you for organizing an AMAZING trip to Cuba for my husband and me! We enjoyed meeting lots of friendly people, seeing a number of sites, and generally immersing ourselves in the Cuban culture. One of the highlights of the trip was getting to know Roberto, our tour guide. He was incredibly knowledgeable, had a great sense of humor, was very accommodating and helpful, and spoke wonderful English (and Spanish from what we could understand). We have wonderful memories of our Cuban adventure and will certainly be recommending The Educational Adventures Company to friends and family who are considering a trip to Cuba!”

Jaime – March 2018
“Just returned from another fabulous trip to Cuba with The Educational Adventures Company. If anyone wants to see the real Cuba, go with this tour agency! Every aspect of this fascinating country is explored with them, the history, politics, music, dance, food, drinks, cars. A true people to people experience! Highly recommended!”

Terry – March 2018
“Let me capture the essence of my experience…it was EXCELLENT. I have mentioned to family members and close associates that the visit to Habana was a highlight in all my travels, including Europe. The people, the country side, the art/sculpture, the food and the weather were all exceptional. I had no idea of what to expect. It fulfilled me at many levels, in particular, culturally.”

Lynn – February 2018
“The trip to Cuba was a memorable and fantastic trip for the whole family! Each of us had our own conceptions of what they wanted to take out of the trip, and I believe all their wants were checked off!  This was my second trip to Cuba and I enjoyed seeing the sights that I had seen my very time in 2015, as well as new places that I didn’t have a chance to see the first time. Part of the success of this trip was because of Orlen Riopedre Olivares. His love and pride for his country shows through, and through his eyes – each of the family members who were on this trip – fell in love with Cuba as well. Now, they know why I wanted to come back again! 

I also want to thank The Educational Adventures team for guiding, supporting, encouraging and soothing my concerns leading up to the trip due to the changes that had occurred with regards to requirements to Cuba. This experience has been nothing but wonderful and I would and will recommend your company with no hesitation.
Lastly, the ease of travel when entering Cuba, leaving Cuba, AND entering the States was seamless. No issues, no obstacles, no concerns. Awesome!
Thank you to everyone who participated behind the scenes to make this trip memorable. This was a bucket list for the majority of my family, and I have each of you to thank for making this possible!!
Here is a picture of all of us, including the wonderful, extraordinaire Orlen! A wonderful addition to OUR family as well! 🙂 “

Libby – January 2018
“I can’t say enough about our recent trip to Cuba! My husband and I had wanted to visit Cuba for a long time and we were worried that the window that had been opened was closing! We like to celebrate our anniversary (12/31) in fun places and Sara was able to get us to Cuba and into a rooftop party on New Years Eve! The night was amazing with wonderful food, drink, live music and more. And I’m happy to say that this was just the beginning of a wonderful trip.

From the booking to the itinerary to the accommodations things were flawless. I know others loved their guides, but our guide, Yohandro, has to be the best ever!  Cuba, at least from my point of view, is a country rich in history and culture. It is a country not to be missed and I think Educational Adventures Tours provides the absolute best experience for the price. We have a favorite tour company we have used for other destinations and it was 4x the price for a very similar itinerary. I wholeheartedly recommend this trip and this company!”

Michelle Desrosiers, Accredited Travel Consultant

“I would like to say from a travel agent’s point of view it was a wonderful experience working with Sara. I can’t thank TEAC enough for making my client’s trip such an amazing experience. The itinerary was perfect for them, and at all levels the service was top notch from the beginning planning process through to the very end. I will definitely recommend your company to fellow agents and very much look forward to sending more clients your way.”


I have been wanting to visit Cuba for several years, even before Obama opened things up a bit more. I wanted to see the country before it changed too much from commercialization. I also wanted to see as much of the country I could…not just Havana and Vinales. We have been planning our trip since February and we’re grateful that Educational Adventures was able to assist us when the rules changed in June/ July. Your company was always very responsive to all our inquiries and I was appreciative of the follow up during our visit in Havana.

I think this was the best trip I have ever taken! Even though we formed our own group, we were not well-acquainted before we left. However, this trip helped us form lasting friendships and possible future travel partners. However, the people and country of Cuba were wonderful. Prior to going, we had expected there might be some glitches for one reason or another, but overall things went very smoothly. The only issues were related to the Casas. In one instance, our guide Orlen quickly made arrangements for us to stay in another, more pleasant casa, and in the other, he did his best to make a change, but alternatives weren’t available. However, it ended up not being a problem and everyone appreciated his efforts.
Orlen was a fun and responsible guide, answering our many questions and learning to deal with 6 women older than his mother. Initially, we felt a bit sorry for him but then realized he seemed to be enjoying himself and was entertained by some of our antics and things we would say. He worked hard to make sure everything ran smoothly and that we all had a good time. I have come to learn that most people don’t visit the entire country so logistics become difficult, especially in places that don’t receive many visitors, such as Holguin. Even so, he did a fantastic job and we all thoroughly enjoyed having him lead our group. He was the best.
Overall, the Casas were great and with only one exception, we were able to communicate with the people. They were all so warm and friendly, providing excellent accommodations and breakfast each day. It was interesting, because they were all different…some a bit nicer than others but each with their own style. The best part was talking with them and sharing observations. They were more open than we had expected and we appreciated their candor.
We loved the country and found the areas to be beautiful…from the mountains to the beaches and everything in between. Loved being able to see things outside the big cities such as the tobacco, sugar cane, Che Museum, El Moro. Vinales was a favorite for most of the group.
All in all, it was a fantastic trip and I would readily recommend it to anyone.


We had a wonderful time!  It was easy to go in and out of the country (though when you first land, it’s a bit confusing what to do).  Going home was REALLY easy – we were able to go right to the kiosk and print off our boarding passes, where at home, it was a major production, as they aren’t used to seeing trips to Cuba.  We loved our guide, Javiel.  One of the highlights of our trip was going to his home in Trinidad to meet his family.  The Cuban people were very friendly, the Bed and Breakfasts were very comfortable, and every meal we had there was delicious. I was a little concerned with “helping to prepare my own meal” at the Organic Farm stop, but that was fun!  There was music everywhere, which I really enjoyed.  We couldn’t see any sign of damage that was hurricane related.  Our last B’n’B was only 2 blocks from the Malecon, and they said the water did not go up that far.  Sara did a great job at customizing our itinerary, and also setting my mind at ease with potential problems, such as the change in policy or possible hurricane damage. It was a trip we will always remember, and I have been recommending your company to all of my friends!


Words cannot express what a great time we had.  I have used many tour services around the world but your company is superior.  Our Guide Rei felt like family he was was very helpful especially to my mother who has a slight walking problem with her hip.  Rei  walked and took very good care of her making sure he walked with her and held her hand and helped her downstairs.
Rei was very knowledgeable and his command of English language was great.  He worked night and day to make sure we were comfortable…As Did our Driver Tony.  Tony was also very wonderful and helpful.  All of the tours and things that we did were wonderful.  We never lacked anything to do.
Our home stay was wonderful and more modern than I expected.  We loved the room though it was small.  But it was perfect for our stay.  The staff and the owner were wonderful.  At first when we arrived we were not sure about the neighborhood, but quickly learned how exactly Havana works.  We ended up walking every night to the town square to drink and listen to music.  The location could not be more perfect for our needs!!!

There are so many wonderful things I could say about the trip and our guide. Thank you for taking soooo much care in putting this trip together for me and my elderly parents.

Thank you.  Much Love.

Anne – Traveling September 2017

Just wanted to let you know what a great time we had on our recent trip.  We totally enjoyed our guide Pedro and driver Brito. Both kept us entertained and found good places to shop, eat, drink and shared some of the local customs with us.  The casas were all comfortable and clean (and air conditioned) and the drinks at Casa Alta in Havana were the best and were served in a great rooftop setting.We ended our stay in the incredible new Kempinski hotel in Havana- very deluxe and a modern reconstruction of an old building.  The countryside was incredibly beautiful, especially Vinales and Topes de Collantes. Getting out and biking and hiking in those areas made a nice contrast to the cities of Havana and Trinidad.  We felt totally safe there.  I know my family was freaking out about the embassy situation, but it did not concern me at all.  IF it turns out to be anything, as I am not working at the embassy or staying at the same places, I don’t see how it could possibly affect me as a tourist. In the areas we visited there was very limited and patchy areas where a few trees had been downed by the hurricane so in most areas that also did not affect us. It was a totally fun trip and thank you for arranging this.


Joy-Dawn – Traveling Oct 2017

We have traveled independently,  extensively, worldwide, so I have dealt with many companies like yours.  The Educational Adventures Company is really top notch.  Y’all should be very proud of your company.  Quick response times, good ideas and help, but, most importantly, you LISTEN to your customers.  I really appreciate that quality. 


Rick July/August 2017

Let me say that our whole group had an absolutely fantastic time in Cuba. Everything was perfectly planned and Barbara was beyond compare. We were able to get everything done that we wanted and then some. The itinerary could not have been better for our needs and we have all returned home with a piece of Cuba in our hearts. 

Thanks again for setting all the arrangements!


Dennis – July 2017

I want you to know that the Cuba experience was the best travel experience ever, for me.  And Rekha seconds my thinking. Yaniel was exceptional, and Casa Madero was nothing short of fabulous.  Thanks so much for putting it together.

Best regards,

Randy – July 2017

Thank you for the email.  We had an amazing experience in Cuba!!  We were blown away by the beauty, history and culture of the island, and we owe much of our experience to our guide, Orlen Riopedres Olivares.  He was the perfect combination of teacher and ambassador, and had a way of making us feel comfortable and at home.  By the end of our trip we considered him not only a friend, but family.  We also had a great experience with your organization.  When we were concerned about the current administrations announcements regarding Cuba, TEAC was prompt to answer our questions and calm our fears.  Specifically, Sara was a rock star!  We are already recommending Orlen, Sara and TEAC to our friends and family that want to visit Cuba!  Thank you for helping us arrange the trip of a lifetime and we look forward to planning our next visit!!

Thanks again,
Randy Stiverson

Marty – June 2017

I wanted to tell you that we had an excellent trip. Much of that was due to Roberto’s guiding.  He was able to help us understand layers of complexity in the culture that we never would have been able to see . . . maybe even if we spoke fluent Spanish,  which we do not. He was unfailingly helpful and flexible, and shares our love for and interest in nature, which made a big difference in our experience.

I also want to say how much we enjoyed Noemi and William’s casa particular in Trinidad.  They are both such warm and welcoming people that anyone would enjoy staying there.

We will certainly recommend TEAC to our friends.  

Thank you for a very rewarding experience. Five stars.

Marty Eberhard

Miguelina – June 2017

The trip was awesome. The tour guide was excellent.   I had a great tome and highly recommend it.  I especially love the authentic car ride on the last day. All of casas particulares were amazing. The host were nice and very accommodating. I have nothing negative to say. Everything was amazing. I would definitely recommend your tour company to everyone I know.

Thank you

Julie – May/June 2017

I wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience I had in Cuba May 26 – June 4, 2017.  Educational Adventures was everything I expected plus more.  Starting from booking the trip, your office was accommodating and answered all the questions that Therese and I had.  There really wasn’t any questions that we had left before our departure except have much spending money we should bring.  Two very excited travelers departed the US looking for an adventure and we weren’t disappointed.
This is one of the few trips I have taken where the taxi driver was actually waiting for me when I got off the plane.  He took us straight to exchange money and off we went.  We arrived at our first destination Casa Alta Habana and were greeted by an extremely nice man (don’t remember his name).  When we were shown our room the first thing we were told was
”I’m not sure if there will be any water”.  Therese and I are both seasoned travelers and know to go with the flow.  Quick note
we had water the whole time. All of our accommodations were simple but clean and that is all I need. 
Yohandro (Joe)
what can I say?  He is the most lovely man I have met.  Not once did he make us feel as if we were his clients and he was just doing his job.  He treated us as family, welcomed us into his world and shared so much with us.  He truly seemed as if he wanted to spend his time with us and never was put out.  We weren’t able to do a few of the activities that were planned (museum and waterfall), but I didn’t care.  We improvised and had a wonderful morning at the beach playing in the water and attempting to get a tan instead of the museum and we went to an orchid garden instead of the waterfall .  Anything we were interested in, he said we could do. His patience with shopping for the perfect t-shirt surpassed my patience. It was a true pleasure talking, laughing, sharing stories, pictures, dancing and eating with him. You have a gem in Yohandro and should be proud to have him represent your company.
I was surprised at how rich in culture and tradition Cuba is.  I had no expectations going in so I would be surprised at every turn. Vinales was beautiful and had a blast hanging with Yohandro and Maiko (our taxi driver). The hike with Robin was breathtaking as well as informative.  I think the hike was the highlight of my trip because to me hiking as about the scenery and the calmness that it brings within yourself.  It is therapeutic in a way that is hard to explain.  Las Terrazas was so peaceful, tranquil but forward thinking at the same time trying to preserve the land.
I can’t say enough about the food!  I LOVED it.  I met a couple from Italy who said they were tired of eating Cuban food and I was in shock.  I couldn’t get enough of it.  Luckily, I was with people who like to eat also.  I will admit the servings were huge but I gave it the old college try to eat what I could fit into my body.  We even found a gelato shop where I was able to get my sweet tooth taken care of. I came home a bit heavier than when I arrived but all is good.
All the people I met seemed very happy and welcoming.  It always amazes me how the ones who seem to have the least are the happiest ones.  It puts things in perspective on how you live your own life .  I feel that I can take some lessons from this trip and apply to my own life.
I have recommended your company and Yohandro to two different friends since I have returned home.  I know if they do travel to Cuba, they will be treated with the same kindness and respect that we were treated with.  Thank you so much for an amazing trip!

Terry – May 2017

We are three days back from our 8 day visit to Cuba and still basking in the glow of what a great time we had.  It was wonderful.  My wife and I are putting it in the category of “adventure” rather than “vacation”.  Once we decided to make the journey, your company made the trip seem as if we were  on cruise control from getting our green card to paying for the trip and everything that came after.  I don’t want to know how the sausage was made but for our end everything was seamless.    The airport pickup went without a hitch.  The B and B in Havana was perfect.  Good location.  Alex met us when the cab stopped and got us situated in our room.   They are very creative with the use of space.  The rooftop breakfast was a great way to feel part of the city.
I can’t say enough good things about our guide Roberto Arcia.  He was prompt, informative and thorough and you could tell he cared. He did a wonderful job of telling us about Cuban culture and history.   When we went to the waterfall in Trinidad  Roberto was a walking dictionary on the flora, fauna and animals. All our B and B accommodations were very good but I must say the B and B in Trinidad was a home run!!   William and Naomi have created a “get away spot” that blew us away when we walked in.  It was like a boutique hotel. Being “laid back”  but “hands on” may seem like an oxymoron but they did a great job of making us feel at home and part of the family.  As the trip wound down the level of service remained constant.
The ultimate compliment I can give you is….we will come back!!!!  If you need to use us as a reference for people in the Philadelphia/Southern New Jersey area…please do. 
unnamedChristina & Andrew – July 2016

Let me start by saying your company and Locally Sourced made this trip possible for us and I will certainly recommend you to some other friends, family and colleagues who are considering a trip to Cuba.

In particular, the casa we stayed in in Havana (My Proud Havana) was exceptional. The AC was COLD, the room was clean and comfortably furnished, breakfast was lovely and the owners and staff were kind. It really did feel like home and I hope you can send many more travelers there, especially since they are expanding! Yailin was a great guide, her knowledge of Cuba and command of the English language was crucial for these Americans who don’t speak Spanish! She was flexible in scheduling and had great advice for when we should do the items on our itinerary (for example- classic car tour in the evening when it is cooler). She recommended we explore this cave that was in Vinales that was not on our original itinerary and we really enjoyed it! It was 5 CUC/person and free for Yailin. She did mention that during the season the wait could be 1.5 hours. We had no wait and it took us about 45 minutes start to finish, so maybe not worth the wait, but for us, it was great! She also recommended lunch at the restaurant at Las Terrazas and this was probably the best meal we had in Cuba! It also was not included, but for 13 CUC we had the traditional family style meal with PLENTY of food and a drink included. Finally, she made two dinner recommendations/reservations for us in Havana and both were great meals- Cafe Laurent and Mediterraneo Havana- both in the Vedado area of Havana near our casa. We also ate at O’Reilly (your rec- great!) and a new Cervezeria on one of the piers in Old Havana which was fun! We loved our time in Vinales, such a nice town to walk around and the tapas place there  was probably our most fun night out in Cuba! Yailin and our driver Ariel also were there with their friends so it was fun for locals and tourists, alike!


A word on the flights from JFK- it was super smooth both leaving and re-entering, absolutely no hiccups. I am happy to give more details if you want for future clients you have using this charter flight. Our flight was about an hour late coming back but we got chatting with someone who takes the flight “all the time” and said it is “never late”, so apparently an anomaly.

All in all, it was a great trip and we loved Cuba! Our time spent with Cubans was the best part of the trip, including Yailin, Lily and others! Thanks so, so much! All our friends are jealous and anxious to hear all about it! I hope this email is helpful (and not too long!) and I am happy to keep talking about our experience if that is useful to you!

Muchos Gracias, Christina and Andrew

Donald – July 2016
I would say that this trip to Cuba was probably one of the top travel experiences I have had thus far. What a wonderful, wonderful place to visit. Once I arrived in the country everything was coordinated well, Oscar was outstanding, and I felt safe and supported the entire time. The conversations I had, the food I ate, the people I met–all exceptional and contributed to a great vacation, which I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life. I have been encouraging people to look into travel to Cuba, for sure.

I would absolutely go back and spend more time in Cuba after learning a little more Spanish. 😉

Honestly, I can’t say enough–many, many thanks for your help in coordinating and getting me connected with Locally Sourced. I met Dan and some of the other tour guides while I was in Havana, Trinidad, and Cienfuegos–all really nice and eager to hear about my experiences in the country. No matter how much you read or prepare, nothing really prepares you for the affect/emotional response when walking around Central Havana’s crumbling facades. Seeing that and talking to people about their thoughts on Governance, Castro, and Cuba’s global relationships was a lot to take in and process, not wanting to be too forceful with my own ideas and biases.

In short, it was everything a good travel experience should be: it was part history lesson; part love story; it was challenging and overwhelming; yet it was absolutely fun, rum-filled, and sun soaked–all set to a salsa rhythm.

Thanks again, for everything. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity.

Chanel & Marcus – May 2016
We are back home in Seattle now. Cuba was great, although we are glad to be back in our mild climate :p I wanted to send a letter of thanks and compliment how well run your company is. Marcus and I both thought you have done such a wonderful job! Everything was extremely organized and all the emails and handouts were very informative. We appreciate you taking the time to have a skype pre-trip orientation with us and continuously being so prompt with email replies. It made the experience very personable (even before going on the trip itself) and we knew we were in good hands – something we are not used to as we both travel a lot and organize trips ourselves. So it was nice to be completely “lazy” about planning for once.

The calls to make sure everything was going well were much appreciated.

We especially loved our drive near the end of our trip, Isdrael Brito (spelling?) – I’m not sure if he’s in your specific network of drivers but in case he is he deserves a lot of praise.

Overall, it was a fantastic trip. Very educational and you have surpassed our expectations. The casa particulares were perfect, especially Casa Alta and La China (in Vinales).

We can’t thank you enough for organizing an unforgettable trip!