About Us

About Us

The Educational Adventures Company is founded on the principles of environmentally and socially responsible tourism.

We are a small group of dedicated and creative women who are passionate about what we do.

Our ability to create cross-­cultural experience has grown out of our own personal travels and passions for Cuba and Mexico.

We offer you the opportunity to discover Cuba and Mexico while immersing yourself in culture and community. We personalize each experience to give you the educational adventure of a lifetime.


Born in Mexico, Sara is multicultural and multilingual. She has a deep love for Cuba and has traveled there many times, including touring the country as a professional singer. She lives in Durango, Colo., with her husband and two children.

Jennifer Gay conducted her graduate research in International Development and the Sustainable Agriculture movement in Cuba in the late 1990s. She has directed and works with International study Programs. Jennifer follows her passion for study, service and research abroad. Jennifer has taken her own educational adventures to over 30 countries and speaks fluent Spanish. She is married with four daughters.