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Our personalized tours allow you to learn while you’re studying Cuban culture through dance, art, architecture, agriculture, food, history, and more.

Let us take care of the plans, so that you can simply enjoy your ultimate dream Cuban vacation. Find yourself back in time, as you adventure through big cities, historic towns, and lush countryside.

Our team believes in sustainable tours that benefit residents and build relationships.  We strive to provide an authentic experience to celebrate and honor unique cultures.

Our Mission

The Educational Adventures Company provides authentic tours for you and your family to explore Cuba through educational activities.

We cater to adventurous individuals from all walks of life looking for authentic, rugged, and profound educational adventures.

Our tours are designed to foster appreciation for Cuban culture, explore issues, of U.S./Cuban interest and make meaningful connections with people from Cuba.

We use local guides, stay in locally owned lodgings and support local host economies.

We take pride in providing a personal touch so that you have every detail of your trip taken care of.

Why Book With Us?

  • “We will create your dream adventure, hassle free.”
  • “We will take care of all of the nitty and gritty of getting to Cuba so that your only responsibility is to enjoy your trip!”
  • “We are dedicated to providing an authentic and enriching experience, leaving memories that will last a lifetime!”
  • “We are a completely personalized service, each adventure is unique to it’s guests.”
  • “We are committed to your adventure. We will take care of all of your needs from the beginning stages of planning, to calling you once you are in Cuba to make sure you have arrived safely, to following up after the best trip of your life!”
  • “We are incredibly passionate about traveling to Cuba and will use this passion to provide you the best opportunities that Cuba has to offer!”
  • “There has never been a better time to travel to Cuba, let us take you there today!”

karlaThank you for the trip of my life.  Kudos to the team for their passion, attention to detail, breadth of knowledge, and agility in changing conditions.  I can’t wait for the next trip!

Karla Sluis

2015 Cuba Tour

donnaFrom the beginning stages of preparing our group for travel, to guiding us through the streets of Havana, Sara and Jennifer surpassed my expectations with confidence, awareness and expertise. Viva la Cuba!

Donna Middleton

2015 Cuba Tour

saradhThis trip was a life-changer. Every day was a new adventure, full of breathtaking surprises, magical moments and awesome laughter. Sara and Jennifer gave me a peek into the heart of Cuba, a gift I will always treasure.

Sarada Leavenworth

2015 Cuba Tour